Sentence Examples

  • Additionally, beginning yogis can take advantage of the center's six-class intro series for Hatha or Vinyasa yoga, while more advanced yoga students can become certified instructors through an extensive teacher training program.
  • One cheerleader integrates Spanish into her intro, reveling in her Hispanic heritage, and another cheerleader who is more voluptuously built than the others revels that ". . .when I shake it, it's like an earthquake."
  • That's right, race circuit type races placing first, second, third, or fourth (depending on the race) to unlock other races, cars, and other goodies that Namco has included (original Ridge Racer intro movies, to name one).
  • Now, I realize that that intro was long, but I wanted to properly clarify the time, care, and utter insanity that went into Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time to help you understand what a beautiful creation this game is.
  • Buchner, The Educational Theory of Immanuel Kant (trans., ed., intro., 1904); trans.