Sentence Examples

  • Kim Kardashian, most notable for her role in a sex tape with her boyfriend Ray-J, has been rumored to have buttock implants, however some in the plastic surgery community argue that her ample asset may just be a case of genetics.
  • The water is injected into the glucagon vial and then mixed, and the resulting solution is drawn back into the syringe for injection into any muscular area (e.g., arm, buttock, thigh).
  • If a man wants to emphasize his buttock area, then he should really grab my Flashback underwear which lifts and contours the butt; we call it the "Bubble Butt Underwear."
  • While breast augmentation is first on most people's minds for implant work, there are other types of implants, including buttock implants.
  • For a deeper stretch, slowly bring your right knee towards your chest until you feel the stretch in your left leg and buttock.