Sentence Examples

  • Pirates: Perfect for youngsters, a pirate theme can include sunken treasure, a floating ship, and Jolly Roger beach towels, while adults may appreciate rum punch to liven up their buccaneer spirit.
  • Nor should Raleigh, Drake, Hawkins, the semi-buccaneer explorers of the ocean, be omitted.
  • For while the buccaneer forces included English, French and Dutch sailors, and were complemented occasionally by bands of native Indians, there are few instances during the time of their prosperity and growth of their falling upon one another, and treating their fellows with the savagery which they exulted in displaying against the subjects of Spain.
  • In this same year a Spanish fleet of fourteen sail met, but did not engage, ten buccaneer vessels which were found in the Bay of Panama.
  • Out of such conditions arose the buccaneer, alternately sailor and hunter, even occasionally a planter - roving, bold, unscrupulous, often savage, with an intense detestation of Spain.