Sentence Examples

  • In December of 2006, Brandy was driving her Land Rover along a California highway when she failed to notice the cars in front of her were coming to an abrupt halt.
  • The Mars Rover is a space robot that was shipped to Mars to collect samples and take pictures and send back data, something that a human currently can't do because of unknown conditions on the planet.
  • Rover Software offers this application called RImageOrFlashControl which you can use to add an picture or flash to your web page by creating all of the required parameters to properly display the flash on your web page.
  • Although adding a pet into your travel itinerary does complicate things a bit, it's well worth the effort, and don't think Rover won't appreciate the experience.
  • In July 1779 he became commander, and was appointed to the "Rover" sloop; in June of the following year he attained the rank of post-captain.