Sentence Examples

  • Potter), youv Kara aX770e1a3 KavOva yvw07L,ojs 7ra pa56cr ws iiroirreia, he rov irepi Kov/.coyovias rac Ev6EvSe ava,alvovva Eirl T6 OeoXoyLK6v eiSos.
  • Severus laid such stress on the human infirmities of Christ as proving that His body was like ours, created and corruptible (09ap-rov) that his opponents dubbed him and his followers Phthartolatrae - worshippers of the corruptible.2 The school of Themistius of Alexandria extended the argument to Christ's human soul, which they said was, like ours, limited in knowledge.
  • The dogmas of the Basilidians, as given by Hippolytus, read almost like passages from Neoplatonic works: g ird oWv v, obx 6N n, OLO"Ga, OLK Q,vo u nov, obx Q.7f abvOErop, OLK av671r011, OLK ava(o-Oi j rov, OLK twOpw'ros ()UK Oeos avwi]TWS, ava60Oi i rw,, ?L7rpoatp g TWS, loraOWS, ?a/en-Ow/iron KOOµov 7)O %7] oE 7ro ijo-aL.
  • Xiyel '177(eou)s' [ra y Tb pi) 1p7rpo(rBEV T9] S t4'dWS (rOV Kai [TO KEKpvppivov Q7rO vol3 h7roKaXv4(0)i crer[ai O"ot.
  • Several works have been attributed to him, but they are all lost; some fragments are preserved in the extant TWV 'Apa-rov Kai EiMEov cbacvo thvwv E07ryilvEwv (30Xia Tpia of the astronomer Hipparchus (ed.