Sentence Examples

  • Boob Tube - for either gender, wear the biggest, tackiest fake breasts you can find and glue an empty toilet paper or paper towel tube in the cleavage.
  • Game versions related to entertainment culture include Silver Screen, Boob Tube, Flicks, Rock & Pop, TV, Country Music, Star Wars, Warner Brothers, Lord of the Rings (also available as a DVD version, which is similar to Scene It!
  • We Love Betty Boob - Dress up your car with a Betty Boop theme, using auto shades, visor organizers, decals, license plates, Betty Boop bobble air-fresheners, steering wheel covers, or hanging fuzzy dice.
  • calls them "Boob Out Bra and Crotchless Thong Panty Sets" but they're the same as the other crotchless bra and panty set sites mentioned so far.
  • The boob job and tattoos were things I always wanted, but the ex-husband did not really approve of.