Sentence Examples

  • In 1243 a new pope, Innocent IV., was elected, who prosecuted the war with still bitterer spirit.
  • The affairs of Europe during the years when Habsburg and Bourbon fought their domestic battles with the blood of noble races may teach grave lessons to all thoughtful men of our days, but none bitterer, none fraught with more insulting recollections, than to the Italian people, who were haggled over like dumb driven cattle in the mart of chaffering kings.
  • Carlyle, if bitterer still), Lactantius Firmianus, &c., &c.'
  • Opened his first imperial diet at Worms early in 1521, and a committee of German princes drafted a list of gravamina, longer and bitterer than any preceding one.
  • A virgin martyr who is threatened with loss of honour as a bitterer punishment than loss of life offers points as powerful as they are perilous.

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