Sentence Examples

  • - Annuaire statistique de la Belgique (1905); Beltjens and Godenne, La Constitution beige (Brussels, 1880); La Belgique illustree (Brussels, 1878-1882); Les Pandectes beiges (Brussels, 1898); Annales du parlement beige for each year; Belgian Life in Town and Country," Our Neighbours " Series (London, 1904).
  • He was well known as an advocate in Brussels, and made a considerable contribution to jurisprudence as the chief writer of the Pandectes beiges (1886-1890).
  • Nautet, Histoire des lettres beiges d'expression frangaise (3 vols., 1892 et seq.), written from the point of view of young Belgium, and by no means impartial; A.

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