Sentence Examples

  • Whether you're searching for a black dress to wear to dinner with your partner or a pair of convertible khaki pants to wear during a girls-only shopping trip, Mimi Maternity has the wardrobe essentials that every mom-to-be needs.
  • Khaki button-down long-sleeved or short-sleeved shirts are worn over cotton t-shirts, usually open at the collar (unless the ranger is working in an office, in which case a khaki tie with a brass tie-tack would be appropriate).
  • Students may be thinking they'll need to wear white dress shirts and itchy wool blazers all day, while teachers may be thinking more along the lines of polo shirts with the school logo and a pair of khaki pants.
  • For example, if your daughter's school requires a white polo shirt and a khaki skirt, those can be found at any store that sells kids' clothes, even if they aren't specifically labeled as girls' school uniforms.
  • If you're wearing thin khaki pants with a high waist, for example, not only do you run the risk of vertical panty lines (unless you're wearing a thong or G-string), but you may just have a horizontal line, too.