Sentence Examples

  • Arizona Leather has eighteen retail store locations in three states with only one discount clearance outlet, the Arizona Leather Clearance Center located in Chino, California.
  • Other styles are a pebbled oxford blazer made of brushed canvas and a lightweight chino blazer in five color choices.
  • Labrusca, reappears in Japan), and others; an assemblage, as long ago pointed out by Asa Gray, which can only be paralleled in the Chino-japanese region, another centre of preservation of Miocene types.
  • The highlands of Central America and the West Indies have preserved a number of Chino-Japanese typesBocconia, Deutzia, A belie, &c.not met with elsewhere in the New Woild.
  • The Chino-Japanese sub-region.Of the vegetation of China till recently very little has been known.