Sentence Examples

  • Turn up the temperature in the room and instead of putting on suntan lotion, try giving each other massages with oil.
  • Dr. Aguirre (DA): The most common eye diseases secondary to UV rays (usually from sunlight but also other UV emitting devices such as suntan machines) are cataracts and retinal macular degeneration.
  • However, it's important to remember that no matter what suntan product you choose, it should contain at least 15 SPF so that you'll build a tan gradually and avoid sunburn.
  • Reviews describe it as a very enticing smell that is sure to draw attention - a scent that takes the wearer to memories of hot summer days and the smell of a suntan.
  • The object is to use the suntan lotion to keep the sunbathers from turning into fried fish, while keeping Patrick fed with snacks.