Sentence Examples

  • Ultraviolet rays (UV) are an invisible form of radiation found in sunlight, and over-exposure to UV light can cause significant eye damage, resulting in a loss of vision, and the possible formation of cataracts.
  • Indoor lighting, airborne contaminants, and ultraviolet light will all have an impact on the rate and extent of fading.Inspect used pieces by flipping upholstered cushions and viewing wooden or leather furniture from all sides.
  • Phototherapy with ultraviolet A or B light waves, or a combination of both, may be used to treat older children or adolescents with mild or moderate atopic dermatitis; it is not suitable for infants or younger children.
  • Due to the filtering properties of the earth's atmospheric ozone layer, practically all of the ultraviolet light that reaches the earth's surface is the long-wave UVA, while the UVC is necessary to the generation of ozone.
  • It's a simple and scientific formula; when the melanin in your skin (your skin's natural protectant) can no longer accommodate the amount of ultraviolet rays that it is being exposed to, it will burn, plain and simple.