Sentence Examples

  • Other less common signs or symptoms of unprotected exposure to UV rays may include chronic headaches and wrinkling of the skin around the eye caused by the constant reflex squinting to try to decrease the amount of UV rays entering the eye.
  • Oakley offers high definition optics with 100 percent UV protection, polarized lenses, lens tints, lenses that pass the ANSI Z87.1 high mass impact and high velocity impact tests, a smudge resistant barrier and lightweight frame materials.
  • Snow driving glasses need to protect you from strong glare, intense UV rays (in general and because rays are reflected back up from the snow), provide protection from the sides, and give you amazing contrast for the safest drive possible.
  • Even if you need no vision correction, just order UV protection (or choose polycarbonate lenses, which have built-in UV protection) and the tint you'd like-even gradient-and you'll have a pair of customized sunglasses for a small face.
  • Designed for rugged work conditions, these glasses protect eyes from debris and light with a 99.9 percent UV protection with these polycarbonate lenses.This style provides a secure fit that won't slide while you're working on the job.