Sentence Examples

  • KesKK uu tlo tan o / ?
  • Taking 2 rv2 = u (9), we may write (17r oueiudu ?/ 2) u Again, by a known formula, 1 1 °° -1 uu = 1/ 7r?r o Substituting this in (to), and inverting the order of integration, we get uc 2?
  • Detached from these, and separated entirely from the monastic buildings, were various workshops, which convenience required to be banished to the outer precincts, a saw-mill and oil-mill (UU) turned by water, and a currier's shop (V), where the sandals and leathern girdles of the monks were made and repaired.
  • The verniers are attached to arms uu bearing on an enlargement of one trunnion of the telescope, one arm pro j ecting downwards and embracing a projection on the standard t.
  • O° nd s uu R u Pt.