Sentence Examples

  • As I unscrew the top, I marvel at the pink color because it's a glorious combination of pink, brown, and just a hint of apricot; I'm very hopeful that the color will be flattering on my honey beige skin.
  • The Estate line offers a wide variety of styles including modern transitional to traditional, while Modern Age offers versatile patterns in colors such as beige, deep brown, rust and light blue accents.
  • Sweep Blushbaby, a sheer beige pink blush along cheekbones and apply Plushglass in Pretty Plush, a soft pink with white pearl for a lip that has just enough color and shine and won't compete with your smoky eyes.
  • If you pair your exotic pedicure with a more conservative nail color such as a beige, a pearl or red polish, you'll find your zebra toes transcend from day to evening with more ease, regardless of your wardrobe.
  • The soft warm beige had a yellow highlight that reflected the evening sun.