Sentence Examples

  • In the London district many of the varieties die from disease, or are short-lived as regards bloom, but the handsome C. amplexicaulis, with its bold habit and lemon-yellow flowers, is always a favourite.
  • L. hispida is pretty, growing about 18 inches high, with deeply-cut foliage and short stinging hairs, the flowers 1 inch across, of a bright lemon-yellow, the centre prettily marked with green and white.
  • Globe-flower (Trollius Europaeus) - Grows about 15 inches high, has lemon-yellow flowers, and is an extremely variable plant, so much so that almost every locality has its particular form.
  • Calceolaria Hyssopifolia - One of the best of the dwarf kinds, bearing loose clusters of lemon-yellow blossoms from early summer till autumn, the foliage resembling that of Hyssop.
  • The flowers are axillary, 3 inches across, with from eight to twelve ray florets colored pale pink or sometimes white with pink tips; the disc is lemon-yellow.