Sentence Examples

  • The city was the literary centre of Federalist ideas in the latter part of the 18th century, being the home of Lemuel Hopkins, John Trumbull, Joel Barlow and David Humphreys, the leading members of a group of authors known as the " Hartford Wits "; and in 1814-1815 the city was the meeting-place of the famous Hartford Convention, an event of great importance in the history of the Federalist party.
  • Barnstable was settled and incorporated in 1639 (county created 1685), and includes among its natives James Ctis and Lemuel Shaw.
  • By Lemuel Gulliver, first a surgeon and then a captain of several ships (Benjamin Motto, October 1726).
  • John Whiteaker, Dem..1859-1862Addison Crandall Gibbs, Rep.1862-1866George Lemuel Woods, Rep.1866-1870La Fayette Grover, Dem.1870-1877Stephen Fowler Chadwick (acting)1877-1878William Wallace Thayer, Dem..1878-1882Zenas Ferry Moody, Rep..1882-1887Sylvester Pennoyer, Dem..1887-1895William Paine Lord, Rep..1895-1899Theodore Thurston Geer, Rep..1899-1903George Earle Chamberlain, Dem.1903-1909Frank W.