Beatify Definition

beatified, beatifies, beatifying
beatified, beatifies, beatifying
To proclaim (a deceased person) to be one of the blessed and thus worthy of public religious veneration in a particular region or religious congregation.
American Heritage
To make blissfully happy.
Webster's New World
To exalt; glorify.
American Heritage
To declare (a deceased person), by public statement, to be in heaven and entitled to some public veneration.
Webster's New World
The definition of beatify is to cause great happiness.
An example of beatify is to give a loved one a meaningful gift.

Origin of Beatify

  • French beatifier from Late Latin beātificāre Latin beātus happy beatific Latin -ficāre -fy

    From American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition

  • From French béatifier, from Medieval Latin beātifico (“I bless”)

    From Wiktionary

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