Sentence Examples

  • His beatification took place in 1733.
  • Beatification consists in permitting a cultus, the manifestations of which are restricted, and is merely a step towards canonization.
  • The curious discussion before the papal court respecting the beatification of Odoric forms a kind of blue-book issued ex typographic rev. camerae apostolicae (Rome, 1755).
  • He probably made the acquaintance of Lope de Vega at the festivals (1620-1622) held to commemorate the beatification and canonization of St Isidore, the patron saint of Madrid.
  • (10) The Congregation of Rites (Congregatio sacrorum Rituum), founded by Sixtus V., has exclusive charge of the liturgy and liturgical books; it also deals with the proceedings in the beatification and canonization of saints.