Sentence Examples

  • He may be said to have believed in the sanity and sanctity of the state rather than of the Church.
  • In like manner (2) the officiant prepared himself for his task; but in his case the natural sanctity of the priest relieved him of the necessity of undergoing all that the common man had to pass through; in fact, this was one of the causes which brought him into existence, the other being the need of a.
  • Here Krishna and his brother Balarama fed their cattle upon the plain; and numerous relics of antiquity in the towns of Muttra, Gobardhan, Gokul, Mahaban and Brindaban still attest the sanctity with which this holy tract was invested.
  • " The temple-house has a graduated series of compartments increasing in sanctity inwards " (Davidson).
  • Abraham recognized its sanctity (Gen.