Sentence Examples

  • For a new charter sanctioning their combination, and this was granted on the 1st of November.
  • The Council split on sanctioning me, and those whose support Jetr swayed for me are sending their armies to battle.
  • What the modern empiricist needs is a rational bond uniting the individual with the community or with the aggregate of individuals - a rational principle distinguishing high pleasures from low, sanctioning benevolence, and giving authority to moral generalizations drawn from conditions that are past and done with.
  • Early in 1787 King was moved by the Shays Rebellion and by the influence of Alexander Hamilton to take a broader view of the general situation, and it was he who introduced the resolution in Congress, on the 21st of February 1787, sanctioning the call for the Philadelphia constitutional convention.
  • It shares with the emperor the legislative power, including the discussion and sanctioning of the budget.