Sentence Examples

  • His canonization drew from Luther a violent brochure "against the new false god and old devil, who is to be lifted up at Meissen."
  • Even the clergy were by no means altogether on Innocent's side; the council of Lyons was attended by but 150 bishops, mainly French and Spanish, and the deputation from England, headed by Robert Grossetete of Lincoln and Roger Bigod, came mainly in order to obtain the canonization of Edmund of Canterbury and to protest against papal exactions.
  • He took the first steps towards the canonization of Queen Margaret of Scotland, and sent missionaries under Portuguese auspices to the Congo.
  • The chief sources for St Dominic's life are the account by Jordan of Saxony, his successor as master-general of the order, and the evidence of the witnesses at the Process of Canonization, - all in the Bollandists' Acta sanctorum, Aug.
  • At the present day the canonization of saints is reserved in the Roman Church to the sovereign pontiff.