Sentence Examples

  • With a battery backup, individuals who enjoy outdoor activities such as campers, boaters and motor home enthusiasts can continue their sleep apnea treatments using a battery in lieu of plugging the machine into standard AC current.
  • If you prepare well, the odds are slim that you'll need a backup, but you should have one ready just in case, whether it's a stack of plain cakes that you can ice quickly or a store-bought cake that you can serve if it's needed.
  • It is essential to check with the manufacturer of the CPAP machine before setting up any type of homemade battery backup system, as using certain types of batteries or cords may void the warranty or service plan on a machine.
  • The obvious advantage to this type of CPAP battery backup is the simplicity of switching back and forth from electrical to battery power, which requires absolutely no effort from the person using the machine.
  • The battery in an integrated backup battery machine is also lighter-weight than other backup systems, as most CPAP machines require 12-volt batteries. 12-volt batteries are about the same size and weight as a car battery.