Sentence Examples

  • You can see the differences in price (sometimes as low as $0.99), size, weight, type, talk and standby times, and special features including everything from texting capabilities to whether or not there is a tip calculator.
  • The way a well-chosen scarf can bring a pop of color to your wardrobe; add something fresh to an old standby, like that little black dress; or finish the look of a jacket or coat, a throw can renew your living space.
  • For example, someone may use their home PC for Internet surfing, word processing, banking and listening to music as well as playing World of Warcraft, Bejeweled or that old standby Mine Sweeper.
  • Standby Tickets: Passengers who don't mind waiting for an available seat and who have flexible travel plans can find substantial savings by flying standby instead of on a confirmed reservation.
  • The iPhone does not feature a removable battery, but in the battle of Droid Incredible vs iPhone models, the iPhone comes out on top with a battery that has a 300-hour standby time.