Sentence Examples

  • They found three letters with his signature; collectors were very excited to have these instances of his autograph.
  • 7 A copy, with the autograph of the editor, is in the British Museum.
  • It took twenty minutes for him to weave his way through the crowd to the autograph table.
  • The source of a transmitted reading may undoubtedly be the author's autograph: but if not, then it is some MS. in the line of transmission.
  • - Among these are Miracles of the Virgin; Liber super explanationem lamentationum Yeremiae prophetae; an abridgment of Amalarius' De divinis officiis; De dictis et factis memorabilibus philosophorum; an epitome of the Historia of Haymo of Fleury and some other works, historical and legal (autograph in the Bodleian); Lives of the English Saints.