Sentence Examples

  • The copy, carefully corrected in his own handwriting, is preserved in the British Museum.
  • For a subsequent letter Calvin furnished (reluctantly, according to de Trye) samples of Servetus's handwriting, expressly to secure his conviction.
  • A copy of it, in the poet's own Northumbrian dialect, and in a handwriting of the 8th century, appears ona blank page of the Moore MS. of Beeda's History; and five other Latin MSS.
  • Its earliest form is a rough ellipse transfixed by an upright line, cp. In various Semitic alphabets this has been altered out of recognition, apparently from the writing of the symbol in cursive handwriting without lifting the pen.
  • On the 10th a silver casket containing letters and French verses, miscalled sonnets, in the handwriting of the queen, was taken from the person of a servant who had been sent by Bothwell to bring it from Edinburgh to Dunbar.