Sentence Examples

  • The art teacher was proficient in the art of calligraphy.
  • In the English-speaking world, we most often think of calligraphy as having to do with Latin and the illuminated manuscripts, often religious in nature, that were printed by hand by scribes in the days before moveable type.
  • Whether you're just getting started with calligraphy or are an expert hoping to learn some new techniques, home-based calligraphy classes offer a fun and convenient way to learn about this exciting craft.
  • Western calligraphy can be traced back to the Roman alphabet, but several other societies, including the Mayans, Indians, Japanese, Chinese, and Persians, have used calligraphy alphabets to beautifully express the written word.
  • Unfortunately, there are people who are selling machine done writing and will say they are doing "calligraphy" because they are actually using a computer or a machine that replicates the style of calligraphy.