Sentence Examples

  • This rite announces itself as the analogue of Christ's circumcision.
  • His official duty is to mark the game on the scoring card when the leader announces the result.
  • As soon as the telegram at Cuxhaven announces high tide three shots are fired from the harbour to warn the inhabitants of the " fleets "; and if the progress of the tide up the river gives indication of danger, other three shots follow.
  • But before Hermas announces it to the Roman Church, and through " Clement " 1 to the churches abroad, there are added two Visions (iii.
  • But as he does so, it is added to, in the way of detail and illustration, by a fresh series of revelations through an angel in the guise of a Shepherd, who in a preliminary interview announces himselt as the Angel of Repentance, sent to administer the special " repentance " which it was Hermas's mission to declare.