Sentence Examples

  • To learn to achieve a state of natural alertness, you must practice the technique three times a day for twenty minutes in a space in your home that is dedicated to you meditation sessions.
  • While staying awake may seem like the best way to achieve what they want in the waking hours, it actually backfires because of the devastating effects caused by the physiological responses to prolonged alertness.
  • A constant intellectual alertness is required.
  • Till about midday he followed the course of the action with his usual alertness; then he appears to have been overcome by a / Merezhk Grodno Niel Minsk Pultusk Modlin Memel Dunaburg Vilkomir Vilna Oka Ostrolenka Scale.
  • Beyond a doubt he was not without a certain moral timidity contrasting strangely with his eager temperament and alertness of intellect; but, though he was not cast in a heroic mould, he must have been one of the most amiable of men.