Aggravated Definition

Designating an especially grave form of a specified offense.
Aggravated robbery.
Webster's New World

In criminal and tort law, a crime or tort becoming worse or more serious due to certain circumstances (determined by a statute for aggravated crimes and usually by statute and case law for aggravated torts) that occur or are present during the commission of the crime or tort, such as the possession of a deadly weapon, the youthfulness or pregnancy of the victim, or the reckless disregard for the other people’s safety. The perpetrator of an aggravated crime is usually subject to more severe penalties than for unaggravated forms of offense. The perpetrator of an aggravated tort is subject to punitive damages. See also mitigating circumstance and simple.

Webster's New World Law
The definition of aggravated is something that intensifies or worsens something like a condition or circumstance.
Carrying a gun while committing a burglary is an example of aggravated burglary and carries with it a more severe penalty.
Aggravated is defined as something was made more intense or acute.
Making a wound worse by picking at it is an example of aggravated.

Simple past tense and past participle of aggravate.


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