Sentence Examples

  • Robbery and pillaging continue.
  • The brethren were aided in old age, sickness and poverty, often also in cases of loss by robbery, shipwreck and conflagration; for example, any member of the gild of St Catherine, Aldersgate, was to be assisted if he "fall into poverty or be injured through age, or through fire or water, thieves or sickness."
  • Robbery is not permitted to anybody now a days! shouted the publican, picking up his cap.
  • Thus gang robbery is apt to break out, gains head with rapidity, and is suppressed with difficulty.
  • In return for Wild's services in tracking down such thieves as he did not himself control, the authorities for some time tolerated the offences of his numerous agents, each a specialist in a particular kind of robbery, and so themselves strengthened his position.