Sentence Examples

  • It was the 6th of March 1521 when he reached the Ladrone Islands.
  • From Cape San Lucas Cavendish steered across the Pacific, seeing no land until he reached the Ladrone Islands.
  • Each of the four main groups, viz, the Caroline, Marshall, Gilbert and Ladrone (Mariana), from long isolation, has developed ethnological peculiarities of its own.
  • By the relinquishment of Cuba and the cession of Porto Rico, the Philippine and Sulu Islands, and Guam, the largest of the Colonial Ladrones, to the United States, as a consequence Posses- of the war of 1898, and of the remaining Ladrone sions, or Marianne Islands, together with the Caroline and Pelew Islands, to Germany by a treaty of the 8th of February 1899, the colonial possessions of Spain were greatly reduced.