Sentence Examples

  • Military training is compulsory on all lads over ten attending government schools.
  • Orphans of respectable parents have a home at Birmingham, and the reformatory school has done splendid service for lads who have committed a first offence.
  • Lads and girls, and even children, are gathered together; efforts being made to organize for them not only educational and religious opportunities, but harmless recreation, while the dwellers in the settlements share in the games and identify themselves most sympathetically with all the recreations.
  • They grow older the lads are seen beginning to carry burdens,.
  • He ransacked his father's shelves, dipped into a multitude of books, read what was interesting, and passed over what was dull An ordinary lad would have acquired little or no useful knowledge in such a way; but much that was dull to ordinary lads was interesting to Samuel.