Sentence Examples

  • Those who still want to try the Kymaro Body Shaper, because some users (who, it must be noted, might be company employees) do claim good results, might do better to purchase on eBay and thus save a lot of money and potential aggravation.
  • For families that wish to sample the outdoors without the aggravation of pitching tents or enduring cold nights, static RVs (referred to as caravans) may provide a suitable alternative.
  • For example, one quiz frequently offers the selection "you get mad (angry, frustrated)", reflecting the aggravation and conflict that may occur when taking a very strict stance.
  • Kris's sigh of aggravation came out as a hiss.
  • The misery of that struggle needed no aggravation, but was aggravated by the sufferings of an unsound body and an unsound mind.