Sentence Examples

  • "I move that we adjourn," said a third.
  • If these were not at hand he might adjourn the case for their production, specifying a time up to six months.
  • A filibuster at the end of the 65th Congress caused the Senate to adjourn without confirming the appointment, but the President made him a " recess " appointee.
  • Under pretext of grave news received from his father, and of an interview at Metz with his uncle, the emperor Charles IV., he begged the states to adjourn till the 3rd of November 1356.
  • Interpellare, to interrupt), a term meaning, in general, an interruption, more particularly used of a method of procedure adopted in some of the legislative chambers of continental Europe, especially those of France and Italy, and somewhat similar to that of a motion to adjourn the House in the British parliament.