Sentence Examples

  • When the governor learned that a second Provincial Congress was called to meet in April 1775 he resolved to convene the assembly on the same day.
  • The governor sends a message at the beginning of each session of the legislature, and may convene the houses in extraordinary session when he deems it necessary.
  • In case of a disagreement the case may be heard again in the same department, transferred to the other department, or to the court en banc. The chief justice or any four of his associates may at any time convene the court en banc, and if so convened at least five of the judges must be present, and the concurrence of at least five is necessary to a decision.
  • If a provincial synod be divided as to the guilt of a bishop, the metropolitan is to convene bishops from the neighbouring provinces to decide the cause jointly with the bishops of the original province.
  • They appear to have been regarded as subordinate colleagues (collegae minores) of the Ilviri juri dicundo, and in some towns at least to have had the right to convene and preside over the comitia in the absence of the latter.