Sentence Examples

  • He left a line of descendants extending far into the I5th century, all famous for Buddhist pictures, and some engaged in establishing a native style, the Wa-gwa-ryu.
  • The native style, Yamato or Wa-gwa-ryi, was an adaptation of Chinese art canons to motives drawn from the court life, poetry Native and stories of old Japan.
  • In the period next following, the chief artists were Keisai Yeisen (Keisai so-gwa, 1832) and Kikuchi VOsai (Zenken kojitsu), the latter of whom ranks perhaps as highly as any of the artists who confined their work to black and white.
  • These are the Talak and the Aeng, navigable by boats; and the Sandoway, the Taungup and the Gwa streams, the latter of which alone has any importance, owing to its mouth forming a good port of call or haven for vessels of from 9 to io ft.