Sentence Examples

  • Robert Recorde in his Whetstone of Witte (1557) uses the variant algeber, while John Dee (1527-1608) affirms that algiebar, and not algebra, is the correct form, and appeals to the authority of the Arabian Avicenna.
  • In historical texts also variant readings occur in considerable number.
  • 66), so in an Indian story the son of a king of serpents and of a virgin (or, in a variant form, a widow) was succoured in warfare by his sire (Fergusson, 266).
  • The heretic Marcion taught a variant, namely, the existence of two Gods, one of the Old Testament of law, the other of the New Testament of grace.
  • STRIP, to remove or tear off the outer covering of anything, hence to rob or plunder; also a narrow long piece of stuff or material, or a mark or division narrow in proportion to its length distinguished from its ground or surroundings by colour or other variation of texture, character, &c.; a stripe; this last word is a variant of "strip," a particular meaning, that of a stroke or lash of a whip, is either due to the original meaning of "strip," to flay, or to the long narrow mark or wheal left by a blow.