Sentence Examples

  • Curve the end of the wire like a hook so you can hang the assembled flower upside-down.
  • You can spray your ends to keep them flipped up or under, spray the pieces around your face to keep them from straying into your eyes, or even add volume by spraying it on your hair while upside-down.
  • In the case of the Bell Witch, eyewitnesses reported watching the sugar bowl dumped upside-down on the kitchen table, pillows and blankets pulled off the family and more.
  • Because game carts are loaded upside-down at the bottom of the system, older Game Boy and Game Boy Color games that utilize a tilt sensor have their controls reversed.
  • The two F's that face each other, one upside-down, is one of the most obvious features, whether it's a full pattern on the purse or just a metal accent on the front.