Sentence Examples

  • They have several options available including a plain sterling pick, one that comes with a ring so you can wear the pick as a necklace, and one that comes with a ring and a diamond for those who really want to make a stylish statement.
  • If you're looking for a pair of stylish sunglasses to draw all gazes to your face, protect your eyes and a large amount of the skin around them, and still be a style you can wear for more than one season, you'll find them with Stussy.
  • Whether you love the look of solid black or the stunning handpainted black floral design, this beautiful A-line style, complete with spaghetti straps and a lace-up back, is designed to look sophisticated and stylish on the fuller figure.
  • Not only are they aerodynamic and stylish, they come packed with a dazzling assortment of high-tech features in keeping with the company's commitment to the high standards set forth by Polar explorers, deep sea divers, and ice divers.
  • It may look great to store your unopened wine in a stylish rack on top of the fridge or in a fancy piece of furniture somewhere in your home; however, it does not provide the environment that a bottle of wine needs to maintain good quality.