Sentence Examples

  • A point and shoot camera does just what the name implies - the photographer selects an automatic o semiautomatic mode from the available presets, points the camera at the subject and presses the shutter button to create an image.
  • Going back to the idea that the original type O people were hunters who would have led an active lifestyle in their pursuit of food, vigorous exercise is recommended for type O individuals to coincide with their higher protein diet.
  • The concept for Bad Santa was conceived by the clever Joel and Ethan Coen, notorious for other comedy/crime capers such as Fargo and O Brother Where Art Thou?, but most of the credit for the film goes to director Terry Zwigoff.
  • A unique selection from this store is the suspender "Big O" style, which is a two piece set of stocking that criss-cross forming an O in the rear and an open front, offering convenience as well as a great slimming effect.
  • Ozothamnus - O. rosmarinifolius is a neat little evergreen shrub almost hardy in the south and coast districts, with small, Rosemary-like leaves, and about the end of summer bears dense clusters of small white flowers.