Sentence Examples

  • She's off to Hawaii to visit her daughter, but you and me have got more important things to do.
  • HONOLULU, a city, port of entry, and the capital of Hawaii, situated in the "city and county of Honolulu," on the S.
  • In1907-1908all the sugar produced from cane grown in the United States came from Louisiana (335,000 long tons) and Texas (12,000 tons); in the same year cane sugar from Hawaii amounted to 420,000 tons, from Porto Rico to 217,000 tons and from the Philippines to 135,000 tons; and the total yield of beet sugar from the United States was 413,954 tons.
  • The rate of increase from 1890 to 1900, eliminating from the computation the population of Alaska, Hawaii, Indian Territory and Indian reservations, was 20 7; the rate of increase if these places are included - in which case the figures of the population of Hawaii in 1890 must be taken from the census of the Hawaiian government in that year - was 21%.
  • Kramer, Hawaii, Ostmikronesien, and Samoa (Stuttgart, 1906) J.