Sentence Examples

  • The glasses can actually pick up disagreeable scents that emanate from the wood and its resins.
  • Negative chi doesn't always enter your home or workspace via poison arrows, sometimes, people or objects emanate negative energy.
  • The cozy and comfortable atmosphere serves as the perfect venue for patrons seeking a place to relax and dine in the heated patio or indoors while nightly live jazz tunes emanate from the piano.
  • For a circle, when the rays emanate from any point, the secondary caustic is a limacon, and hence the primary caustic is the evolute of this curve.
  • When the refracting curve is a circle and the rays emanate from any point, the locus of the secondary caustic is a Cartesian oval, and the evolute of this curve is the required diacaustic. These curves appear to have been first discussed by Gergonne.