Sentence Examples

  • Two results emanated from Mendelssohn's work.
  • 2 and 3 emanated the masculine potency Love or Mercy (4) and the feminine potency Justice (5), and from the junction of the latter two emanated again the uniting potency Beauty (6).
  • From this second conjunction emanated again the masculine potency Firmness (7) and the feminine potency Splendour (8), which constitute the divine legs of the archetypal man; and these sent forth Foundation (9), which is the genital organ and medium of union between them, thus yielding the third triad in the Sephiric decade.
  • Everything, spirit as well as body, must return to the source whence it emanated (Zohar, ii.
  • From this world finally emanated (4) the World of Action, also called the World of Matter.