Sentence Examples

  • In the Epics his practice agrees with that of Homer.
  • If they had not, lengthy epics would never have survived oral transmission for centuries.
  • In Scandinavia, in Lithuania, in Russia, according to Gaston Paris (Histoire poetique de Charlemagne, p. 9), the national songs have been arrested in a form which may be called intermediate between contemporary poetry and the epic. The true epics are those of India, Persia, Greece, Germany, Britain and France.
  • Remigius and Maxentius, now lost; on the annals of Arles and Angers, now lost; and on legends, either collected by Gregory himself from oral tradition, or cantilenes or epics written in the Latin and Germanic languages.
  • The age was prolific of epics, both historical and mythological, and that of Varro seems to have held a high rank among them.