Sentence Examples

  • Decker, Die griechische Helena in Mythos and Epos (1894); Andrew Lang, Helen of Troy (1883); P. Paris in Daremberg and Saglio's Dictionnaire des antiquites; the exhaustive article by R.
  • Khalateants, arrives at a similar conclusion in his Armianskie Epos (Moscow, 1896).
  • Apxurp€a 1 3157-Epos), in the Christian Church, originally the title of the chief of the priests in a diocese.
  • Other features are borrowed by the Mandaean mythology under this head from the well-known epos of Istar's descensus ad inferos.
  • Between this outlet and the Dipylon were found a boundary-stone, inscribed Epos Kepaµ€LKou, which remains in its place, and the foundations of a large rectangular building, possibly the Pompeium, which may have been a robing-room for the processions which passed this way.