Sentence Examples

  • A more heroic subject, and the only one in which he made a certain attempt to rival Firdousi, was selected by our poet for his third epopee, the Iskandarnama, or "Book of Alexander," also called Sharaf iama or Igbalnama-i-Iskandari (" The Fortunes of Alexander"), which is split into two divisions.
  • Where some slight historical records of the heroic age were still obtainable poetical imagination seized upon them at once; where no traditions at all were forthcoming fiction pure and simple asserted its right; and thus the national epopee gave way to the epic story, andsubstituting prose for verseto the novel and the fairy tale.
  • But the most characteristic passage of the epopee is the mysterious disappearance of Shah Kaikhosrau, who suddenly, when at the height of earthly fame and splendour, renounces the world in utter disgust, and, carried away by his fervent longing for an abode of everlasting tranquillity, vanishes for ever from the midst of his companions.

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