Sentence Examples

  • While this was great for conformist thinking, it didn't translate well into creating a truly individual look for anyone.
  • Outrages on conformist ministers were frequent, and conventicles were accompanied by armed men.
  • In 1669 he resigned his parish to become professor of divinity in the university of Glasgow, and in the same year he published an exposition of his ecclesiastical views in his Modest and Free Conference between a Conformist and a Nonconformist (by "a lover of peace").
  • The populace, in 1688, wrecked the chapel of Holyrood and began to " rabble " conformist ministers, or " curates."
  • Was rescinded, the law and custom of forty years were abolished, conformist clerics were expelled, and the earl of Argyll appeared as leader of the extreme party, while Montrose was the general of the armed Covenanters.