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  • The transpiring surface of xerophytes is frequently reduced.
  • Many xerophytes are hairy or have sunken stomata which may be further protected by partial plugs of wax:
  • Xerophytes.These are plants which live in very dry places, where the substratum has less than 10% of water.
  • Such terms as hydrophytes, xerophytes, and halophytes had been used by plant geographers before Warmings time e.g., by Schouw;4 and the terms evidently supply a want felt by botanists as they have come into general use.
  • The criticisms were directed chiefly to the inclusion of sand dune plants among halophytes, to the exclusion of halophytes from xerophytes, to the inclusion of bog xerophytes among hydrophytes, to the inclusion of all conifers among xerophytes and of all deciduous trees among mesophytes, and to the group of mesophytes in general.

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