Sentence Examples

  • Lydekker: "The structure of the teeth is sufficient to indicate that the food consists chiefly of grass, leaves, succulent shoots and fruits; and this has been found by observation to be actually the case.
  • This has a relatively large development of succulent parenchyma on its upper and lower sides.
  • The injured cells die and turn brown; the living cells beneath grow out, and form cork, and under the released pressure bulge outwards and repeatedly divide, forming a mass Of succulent regenerative tissue known as callus, Living cells of the pith, phloem, cortex, &c., may also co-operate in this formation of regenerative tissue, and if the wound is a mere knife-cut in the bark, the protruding lips of callus formed at the edges of the wound soon meet, and the slit is healed overoccluded.
  • But the occluding callus is a mass of delicate succulent cells, and offers a dainty morsel to certain insects e.g.
  • Some wound in the succulent tissues has become infected by the organisms referred to, and their continued action prevents healing.

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